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Volunteer of the Month – May 2021


Volunteer of the Month – May

Caroline Alince

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for May 2021: Caroline Alince! Here’s a message from her: “I believe in access to education and literature for all, and I’m happy to be a part of an organization like   that shares these values and works to produce resources for the community. Especially throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, kids, families and all community members can really benefit from the feeling of connection and community that comes from story-time.”

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Volunteer of the Month – April 2021

Volunteer of the Month – April

Lydie Angèle

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for April 2021: Lydie Angèle! Here’s a message from her: “Hello, my name is Lydie Angèle, and since I was a little girl, I love reading. By reading books, we have the opportunity to learn and dream at the same time. With the new technologies, our society is evolving and reading books is slowly disappearing. Therefore, I am particularly attached to ‘s mission, to instill in children a life-long love of reading and learning from birth. Animating story-time to children is a gratifying experience and a pleasure to witness in their eyes curiosity, enthusiasm, joy and excitement.”

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Volunteer of the Month – March 2021

Volunteer of the Month – March

Kevin Farinaro

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for March 2021: Kevin! Here’s a message from him: “This is awesome and I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity. My experience so far has been even better then imagined due to the wonderful team that has. Even with a busy schedule, I love giving some of my time to help an organization that gives back to kids. The team is well structured and good to communicate their needs and adapt them to my schedule which makes a perfect fit to my current situation”



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Volunteer of the Month – February 2021

Volunteer of the Month – February

Richard Dufault

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for February 2021: Richard! Here’s a message from him: “My name is Richard Dufault. I have worked as a family counselor and more particularly with the little ones in reading. Working with little ones, contributing to their well-being, and their education gives me a lot of pleasure. has been offering me this pleasure from a few months now. Whether through storytelling online or face-to-face, I really like to offer children the opportunity to learn to read and, when possible, to get them moving with simple psychomotor activities. Looking forward to collaborating in child development with and Fraser Hickson.”

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Volunteer of the Month – January 2021

Volunteer of the Month – January

Christopher LeGrove

We are delighted to announce our volunteer of the month for January 2021: Christopher!
Here’s a message from him: I’ve been having so much fun reading for these past months. Reading for someone is such a joy; transmitting stories to children has been a human tradition since time immemorial, and carrying on that tradition is an honor and a privilege. Being able to read and write remains a concern worldwide, so being part of a solution is surely important. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank for welcoming me into the fold so that I can contribute what I have to offer. I am, of course, looking forward to reading in front of something other than my camera! Entertaining people is my profession, and I joined up in part for this. Luckily technology offered an answer to not being able to read in public places during COVID-19, for which I am grateful. We’ve all had to practice adaptability, and having the right tools helps.

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New partners

We are pleased to announce two new partners: Garderie Orsheli & Olamsheli and École Préscolaire Montessori. Thank you for encouraging the joy of reading to children.

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Volunteer of the Month – December 2020

Volunteer of the Month – December

Kelly Cloutier

We are happy to announce our Volunteer of the Month for December Kelly Cloutier! Here is a message from Kelly: “What a pleasure it’s been volunteering for ! Spending time each week recording videos of reading and discovering new books has allowed me to share my life long passion for reading with young children remotely during these challenging times. Being able to share the joys of reading and story time truly is a gift and I hope my videos help to spark an interest in the minds of young and future readers.

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November 2020

MONTREAL, November 16, 2020 – Fraser Hickson is pleased to announce that Celine Cooper will assume the role of President and Chair of the Board, effective January 1, 2021.

Cooper is the Managing Director of the Consortium of English-language CEGEPs, Colleges and Universities of Quebec based at Bishop’s University. A former columnist with the Montreal Gazette and politics editor at The Canadian Encyclopedia, Celine’s work has been published in some of Canada’s most widely read policy publications, popular and international media. She appears frequently as a political analyst on television and radio public affairs programs in Quebec. She is a member and former chairperson of the board of directors for The Association for Canadian Studies. She holds degrees from Queen’s University and York University, and is a part-time instructor at Concordia University’s School of Community and Public Affairs.

Celine will be taking over from outgoing President and Chair, Nicholas Hoare. Nicholas owned and operated a chain of lovingly curated bookstores in Canada for many years, including the renowned Nicholas Hoare bookstore on Greene Ave. in Westmount.

Helen Fortin, CEO of Fraser Hickson, extends her deep gratitude to Nicholas for his commitment to early childhood literacy and expresses great excitement at Celine’s appointment. “With her exceptional track record in academia and the press, as well as her deep commitment to early literacy development through innovative library programmes, Celine is ideally positioned to lead the board. She is a team-oriented leader with a passion for personal connection. As a current board member, she has already proven to be a great fit!”

Celine Cooper “In our increasingly complex world, there is a genuine need to foster early literacy skills among children. It’s an honour to accept the mantle of president of the governing board. I’m deeply grateful to Nicholas Hoare for his dedication and leadership in this role over the years. As Fraser Hickson continues to evolve, I look forward to working with Helen Fortin and the whole team to promote a love of reading, books and community connection through this beloved Montreal institution.”

Cooper is taking charge as Fraser Hickson’s much acclaimed project continues to expand its mission to raise literacy levels by empowering partners to instill in children a life-long love of reading and learning from birth and to enable free access to books and animation services.

For media inquiries, please contact: [email protected] or call 514.502.9412

About Fraser Hickson – was the first free public library established in Montreal in 1885 and is currently celebrating years of community service through its hallmark outreach project, .

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