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Holiday Party 2019


What a wonderful holiday party honoring our amazing volunteers and a special thank you to Shamim Khan, our long standing volunteer of 35 years! Thanks to all those who attended. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, Notre-Boeuf-de-Grace, Sandrini Confections and Première Moisson. We also said goodbye to our lovely librarian, Niusha, and thanked her for her years with . Once again, from all our staff to all our volunteers you are the best! Happy Holidays!


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Happy Holidays!

Our mission to raise literacy levels by empowering partners to instill in children a life-long love of reading and learning from birth, and to enable free access to books and animation services has been a great success this year – 127 programs located in 85 sites!

As Fraser Hickson ventures into its 135th year of existence we invite you to join in our efforts to ensure early literacy development is a top priority in everyone’s ‘books’ in 2020!

‘Increasing literacy skills in the workforce by an average of 1% would, over time, lead to a 5% increase in GDP, or $54 billion per year, every year, and a 5% increase in productivity. (Literacy Lost: Canada’s Basic Skills Shortfall-2018’ Frontier College)

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